Consultant in the area: 

Heat/Mass Transfer, Gas Dynamics and Chemical reactions

 Experienced project leader (incl. EU-projects) and specialist in the fields of:

Mass & Heat Transfer 

Heat Exchangers 

Gas Cleaning, CO2, SOx, NOx..

Chemical reactions

Air, Refrigeration and Process Gas Compressors/Expanders


Combined Systems


If you are interested in my short investigations  Click here for computer simulations

Author of  International papers concerning fluid dynamics, thermodynamics,  heat and mass transfer in  Heat Exchangers, Compressors and Their Systems.

Links that refer to the international papers

Developed and for the first time (1984) published the principals of differential modelling of the Screw Compressor Thermodynamic process.

See: Purdue1984 

Author's and Prof. Nikola Stosic's, City University, London, UK, comments regarding the 1984 Purdue Paper

See also other Purdue papers based on the same differential modelling:


This is also translated into Chinese

Purdue2000     Noise calculations
Purdue1998   Injection of different liquids   

How it started

Letter sent to Jack Sauls for his presentation of "Screw Compressor History" at the 2014 Purdue Conference, USA

See also other History links: 

My position in the History1  

My position in the History 2   


You can also find information on:

Author of technical articles in SMR’s publication Mekanisten during the years 2001-2003.

See ref: Articles in SMR's publication Mekanisten 

Collaborator in the book "Ventilation vid underjordsarbeten", a handbook of ventilation at tunnel construction. ©Stiftelsen Bergteknisk Forskning, Stockholm 1984. ISBN 91-7810-005-4

Collaborator in the book "Fredrik Ljungström 1875-1964, uppfinnare och inspiratör”, bibliography of one of Sweden’s great inventors.     

Reporter, translater and summarizer of contents in ASME’s monthly magazine Mechanical Engineering for SMR’s publication Mekanisten during the years 2001-2003.


Other activities


And here are some interesting computer simulations of the velocities in a Screw Compressor.   



And here are some interesting computer simulations of the pressure in an oil injected screw compressor. 

What about the rotor deformations? Leakage between the rotors is interesting. 


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